Where do you operate?
Pick up is available anywhere in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Martin County and we will drive you anywhere you need to go.

Are your drivers insured?
Yes, our drivers are fully insured as required by the State of Florida.

Are your drivers trained?
Yes, our drivers are extensively trained and well prepared for all eventualities.

Do you perform background checks on your drivers?
Yes, before a driver is hired, they must pass a national criminal background check.

How can I book a driver?
1.- Call us at 1.800.977.1517 or 561-DRIVERS (561.374.8377)
2.- Make a reservation online at www.whiteglovedrivers.com
3.- Text to 561-DRIVERS “I need a Driver”

When can I book a driver?
You can book a driver any day, at any time. With a minimum of two hours notice, however we strongly encourage you to make reservations 1-2 days in advance to ensure availability.

How will I be charged?

Round trip: Prior to pick-up, we charge for the first two hours.

One-way : Prior to pick-up, we charge the initial pick-up fee. Once your route is completed we will charge the accrued mileage fee.
We require payment by credit card or debit card. Tips can be given directly to your driver or added to your final charge amount.

Do I have to tip?
A gratuity is not required, but tipping for excellent service is customary and appreciated.

Can I cancel a reservation?
Yes, however it is important to note that cancellations with less than one hour notice, will incur a fee equal to 50% of the total transportation cost. If no advance notice is given, you will be charged for the full transportation fee.